1458 Dusty Road
Crewe, VA 23930
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MidAtlantic Bamboo is your source for bamboo

MidAtlantic Bamboo

is a bamboo farm and nursery located in south central Virginia. We have over 90 varieties of bamboo growing in over 100 different groves. Our plans are to retire as soon as we sell all our potted inventory. Until then we hope you enjoy your visit here and look forward to having you back soon and often. The web site information files will remail until 2022 If you need more information or just want to talk about bamboo, email us by clicking on the contact us link or call us at (434) 298-0078.

Front view of house

MidAtlantic Bamboo is for sale.

Since we are retiring, we are selling the house and land. The house is 5000+ square feet - 3 bedrooms 4 baths, large master suite, large office space can be divided into two bed rooms, 24+ acres with 1200 square foot shop 1300 square foot covered shed. Over 90 varieties of bamboo, overhead sprinklers for 4 different holding areas
There are a few pieces of equipment that will go with the house and land but will only be included in the price if a valid offer is made before we sell them. Century 3035 4 wheel drive tractor with third function hydraulic control, Toro 62" zMaster mower, 16 ft delivery trailer.
All equipment is subject to prior sale.
The property is well landscaped with small pond, walnut trees, pecan trees, native persimmon trees, native pawpaw trees and wild pear tree.
One hour from Richmond, 45 Minutes from Petersburg.

Qualified individual call Mary Ann at 434 298 0078

75% Off

Discount for local pickup only...

Our current inventory of potted and burlapped bamboo for local pickup is 75% off.

You load and wrap your plants. Bring your cars, trucks and trailers and take advantage of our retirement sale.

If shipped, regular prices and shipping apply.

Special - Book Sale

Special while they last...

All books are 50% off.

Bamboo is containable if you are diligent


Temperate bamboos spread, however, they can be contained. There are a number of ways to contain bamboo. Do your research and select a containment method that is best for your local conditions. If you do this, you and your neighbors will enjoy your bamboo for years to come.

You can pay for your bamboo with cash, check or cr

Local sales and visits....

Although we are primarily a mail order bamboo nursery, we will discontinue shipping when our current supply of shipping boxes are used up. We always welcome customers to visit us here near Crewe, Virginia.

Due to the low cost of our bamboo, tours will be $25.00 person (children free). The cost ot the tour will be applied to any bamboo purchased.

If we are here, we are open... if we are gone, we are closed. So please call before coming. We are normally here 7 days a week so we should be able to set a time that will work for both of us.

We look forward to seeing you soon and often... (Bring lots of cash and credit cards.)

Pets are always welcome at MidAtlantic Bamboo

Pets and their masters...

Pets are welcome to bring their masters when they visit. All we ask is, in the spring when our bamboo is putting up new shoots, please keep your masters on a leash. All other times you can let them run free to enjoy the groves.

The Bamboo Spade - the ultimate root balling spade.

Bamboo Spade...

Our Bamboo Spade (patent pending) is the ultimate root balling spade for bamboo as well as other plants.
The Bamboo Spade is being manufactured for MidAtlantic Bamboo by W. W. Manufacturing Co., Inc. the maker of the "King of Spades."
The Bamboo Spade digs faster, cuts the rhizomes clean, gives well- formed root balls, saves your knees and feet, allows you to stand to the side to get into tight spaces, and is a great tool for containing by root pruning.


Order by phone, mail or email

Ordering from us

To order just call us at (434) 298-0078. We will help you with your selection; check to see if we have your plants in stock and advise you when your plants will be shipped.

If you get our answering machine, just leave your name and number and tell us how late we can return your call -- we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Shipping charges

To display shipping charges, while viewing items on our site, enter your zip code below. If you plan to pick-up or have your plants delivered, leave the zip code blank.
Enter Your zip code and click UPS shipping button:

Photo size

If you have a slow dial up connection, you may wish to use half size photos when viewing our bamboo to decrease download time. Select the bamboo photo size below (the default is full size).