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MidAtlantic Bamboo is your source for bamboo

MidAtlantic Bamboo

welcomes you to this site. Here you will find information on over 90 varieties of bamboo. We have a few bamboo books for sale and the Bamboo Spade. Call (434) 298-0078 to purchase books or the Bamboo Spade.

We also offer consulting services by phone at $100.00 per hour ($25.00 per 15 minutes) with a minimum of $50.00. On your site at $500.00 per hour with a minimum of 8 hours plus expenses.

We only sell the bamboo spade and consulting services.

We do not sell plants.

This site is for bamboo information only.

Bamboo is containable if you are diligent


Temperate bamboos spread, however, they can be contained. There are a number of ways to contain bamboo. Do your research and select a containment method that is best for your local conditions. If you do this, you and your neighbors will enjoy your bamboo for years to come.

Special - Book Sale

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All books are 50% off.

The Bamboo Spade - the ultimate root balling spade.

Bamboo Spade...

Our Bamboo Spade (patent pending) is the ultimate root balling spade for bamboo as well as other plants.
The Bamboo Spade is being manufactured for MidAtlantic Bamboo by W. W. Manufacturing Co., Inc. the maker of the "King of Spades."
The Bamboo Spade digs faster, cuts the rhizomes clean, gives well- formed root balls, saves your knees and feet, allows you to stand to the side to get into tight spaces, and is a great tool for containing by root pruning.

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The Bamboo Spade

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