Friendly name: Sasa Nipponica

Sasa nipponica "Ward"

Maximum Height: 2'
Maximum Diameter: 1/8"
Minimum Temperature: -3° F
Does best in 1/4 day sun.
Spreading: Aggressive

Sasa nipponica Ward

From the Pacific coast of Japan. Low growing with prominent nodes and large leaves. Leaves are smaller than those of Sasa veitchii but just as attractive. New leaves are green and remain so until fall when they develop cream and tan edges.

Sasa nipponica Ward (Zone 7)
Sasa nipponica Ward
Sasa nipponica Ward...
First year
Bamboo - Sasa nipponica Ward First year growth photo

Second year
Bamboo - Sasa nipponica Ward Second year growth photo

Third year
Bamboo - Sasa nipponica Ward Third year growth photo

Fourth year
Bamboo - Sasa nipponica Ward Fourth year growth photo

Fifth year
Bamboo - Sasa nipponica Ward Fifth year growth photo
Sasa nipponica Ward

Botanical Latin is essentially a written language .... How they are pronounced really matters little provided they sound pleasant and are understood by all concerned...
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Name Botanical Alternate Meaning
Sasa SAS-uh   Sasa is from the Japanese name for this bamboo species 
nipponica nip-PON-eye-kuh   Japanese 

Sasa nipponica Ward
Edible shoots Too small Hedge Good
House 2 hours min. sun Wood quality Too small
Container Good Crafts Good
Screen Too short Ornamental Excellent
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