Friendly name: Funghomii Small Hedge Bamboo

Arundinaria funghomii

Maximum Height: 30'
Maximum Diameter: 1 1/8"
Minimum Temperature: -3° F
Does best in 3/4 day sun.
Spreading: Aggressive

Arundinaria funghomii

The new culms of Arundinaria funghomii bamboo are covered with a gray bloom for most of the first year. The handsome culms will only get about 4 feet tall in cold climates. There are numerous branches at each node; culm sheaths are persistent. It shoots in spring. According to Ohrnberger this variety should probably be classified as a Pleioblastus as the only true Arundinaria is the gigantea of the southeastern United States. However, to keep naming consistent several East Asian bamboos have been assigned to Arundinaria. The first two winters after planting we had 100% top kill on this grove.

Arundinaria funghomii (Zone 7)
Arundinaria funghomii
Arundinaria funghomii...
First year
Bamboo - Arundinaria funghomii First year growth photo

Second year
Bamboo - Arundinaria funghomii Second year growth photo

Third year
Bamboo - Arundinaria funghomii Third year growth photo

Fourth year
Bamboo - Arundinaria funghomii Fourth year growth photo

Fifth year
Bamboo - Arundinaria funghomii Fifth year growth photo
Arundinaria funghomii

Botanical Latin is essentially a written language .... How they are pronounced really matters little provided they sound pleasant and are understood by all concerned...
W.T. Stearn an authority on Botanical Latin

Name Botanical Alternate Meaning
Arundinaria ar-run-din-NAY-ree-uh   From the Latin noun "arundo" (cane) and the suffix "-aria" signifies belonging to. 
funghomii fung-HOM-e-eye    

Arundinaria funghomii
Edible shoots Unknown Hedge Good
House Too large Wood quality Good
Container Good Crafts Good
Screen Excellent Ornamental Good
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