Bamboo as a house plant

Most bamboos that are rated for less than 15' can be used as a house plant if the proper light can be provided.

Bamboo used as a house plant will require more care than the same bamboo planted in the ground. You will have to divide the plant every two to 3 years or it will become totally root bound. Select a container that will accept the nursery pot and put the nursery pot with the plant in your decorative pot. Then when you need to divide, take the plant out, divide it and put the divisions in nursery pots and put back in your containers.

Fertilize with an slow release balanced fertilizer using about 1 teaspoon per 12" diameter of root ball every 3 months.

You will have to adjust your watering based on your conditions. Humidity, heat etc. will vary with the seasons. Keep your root ball moist but not wet. If the leaves start to curl then your bamboo needs water. After a couple of months you will start to pick up on the water requirements based on your location.

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