Bamboo as a screen

Any bamboo that has a rated height for the location can be used as a screen.

In selecting a bamboo for a screen you have to consider the depth you can allow for the screen. The deeper the depth, the taller the bamboo can be.

We rate bamboos that are less than 6' as Too short. Although if you have something low to block, select one you like.

Bamboos from 7' to 15' make an excellent screen but sometime are too low for many applications and are rated as Good.

Bamboos between 16' and 30' usually provide excellent screening producing enough low branching and small size culms to give good low to high screening and are rated as Excellent.

Bamboos over 30' require more depth as they are high branching so the branches and leaves will provide little to no low screening so the grove has to be deep enough for the culms to provide the low screening.

The deeper the grove, the better the sound and odor filtering.

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