Edible Bamboo Shoots

All bamboo shoots are edible; some are better than others in taste and some cultures prefer a sweet shoot while others prefer a bitter shoot. Some shoots are not worth the time to harvest.

Our use table is primarly based on the size of the shoots.

Excellent is for a bamboo with good diameter and usually sweet taste.

Good is for bamboos that have moderate diameter with good tasting shoots.

Small is for bamboo that have good taste but about 50% usable flesh.

Too small means don't waste your time because the usable flesh is so small in relation to the time spent harvesting and extracting.

If you are planning to grow your bamboo primarly for shoot production, select those with a higher rating. If you plan to use your bamboo as a dual purpose planting, then any bamboo that is rated better than 3/4 inch will provide acceptable shoots.

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